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Wow! What a year 2015 has been. I have truly been beyond blessed with all of the incredible opportunities I have been blessed with, and all the amazing brides I have had the pleasure to work with.

  1. In reflection: I spent the entire summer interning in Nashville, Tn for Julie Paisley Photography who is a world renowned film photographer. She not only became like a mother to me, but she taught me so many priceless things that have further my business immensely.
  2. I have become a hybrid photographer shooting both film and digital photography (also thanks to JPP for teaching me film).
  3. I have received my first publication, which you can see on January 5th at
  4. I have travelled to five different states this year to shoot multiple weddings.
  5. Finally, I have hired a phenomenal second shooter (Lacy) who has become a dear friend and incredible asset to my business. I am so incredibly thankful for her and all that she does. You can see more of her in my “Behind the Scenes 2015” blog post.

So what a wonderful year it has been. These are only five of the many many things that have come to light this year. So here are the Best of 2015 Brides that I had the honor to photograph this year. They are beautiful, encouraging, outgoing, humble, and now officially a Mrs. Meet the BRP brides!

Scans: Photovision Prints

Fuji 400 H Pro


 (In the image below I am featuring TWO of my 2015 brides! The blonde bridesmaid on the right was also one of my Best of 2015 Brides!)6108_036107_226107_335552_364379_034360_214360_063947_163947_103946_110205_130205_080204_270204_230204_32

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