Behind the Scenes 2015

Alright y’all, get ready for a good laugh. I only wish I could have captured ALL of the crazy poses, funny faces, weird scenarios, and malfunctions that happened behind the scenes of some of these shoots… but below you’ll see what WAS captured throughout this year, and boy you might be thankful I didn’t get all of it! ha! Like I’ve said before, 2015 was a crazy but blessed year. So here I am posting some of the things that you don’t see. You know, sometimes i’ll post a photo and people will be like “Wow, Baylee, that is a stunning photo. How did you capture that?” Well the truth is I captured it laying in the mud, drenched in the pouring rain, dancing along with the music, standing on a fence, walking on my tiptoes, taking “the stance,” or balancing like a professional acrobat on an object not meant to hold more than 50 lbs. haha! So enjoy these crazy iPhone and digital photos and take a peek into what actually happens during my photoshoots and weddings!

Some of my favorite photos of the entire day are the bridal portraits!


And sometimes I can’t see into my camera because moments like this make me cry to much! Nothing like your bridesmaids praying over you before the wedding.


The family portraits… the hardest to organize and some of the most important!


This is Lacy! She is my godsend. Sometimes you’ll see us looking like this because not only are we the photographers.. we are the veil fluffers, storage shelf, other peoples hands, and gear carrier.


And when you do photoshoots on a farm, sometimes the horse wants his portraits taken more than the clients do….. and he won’t move until you take his photo.. a lot.


Sometimes, we like to take selfies before the chaos begins! This is Julie, she is my second momma, my mentor, and my friend. So lucky to know her!




then there was this one time me and Emily thought we were models, and went to Nashville and modeled for one of Julie’s workshops.


And if you just can’t get enough of the behind the scenes from this blog post, you can always follow the¬†snapchat account.


Shout out to my videographer, Chase Smith, for the next two shots of me and Lacy doing our thing!


Some of my favorite moments.


Then when the night is coming to a close, your groom grabs you out of no where and you dance! Cameras and all..


then you grab your assistant and dance.. because it is well deserved!


Through all the craziness, I love my job. And that is that..

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