The Waller Family | Gulf Shores, Alabama

Film and the beach.. two of my favorite things. Add a beautiful family into the mix, and I am without a doubt in my happy place. The Waller family was such a joy to work with, and these two kiddos helped me get all my exercise in for the entire year. We spent golden hour running along the beaches beneath the pier at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores, Alabama. We had the most beautiful sunset that was being chased by a classic evening storm in the summertime. The clouds made for the perfect backdrop along the beaches.

During the process of rebranding Baylee Rae Photography, I was forced to reflect on the types of images I wanted to deliver to my clients. What was my goal? My values? My “WOW” factor? I realized that I did not want to deliver the images that were of a perfect family smiling in front of the camera with an elaborate, yet unattainable backdrop. Yes, I do get the image of every one smiling, but your session is more than that. It is a unique, still frame of your families little moments. The “wow” factor in a photo is when a mother realizes the way her babies look at her when she is busy looking down or in the other direction. It is the overwhelming joy a mother or father feels when they see just how tiny those little hands are when they are wrapped around their own. These are the things I see from an unbiased perspective when I photograph your family, and these are things I hope you see in the Waller family as they closed their evening on the sandy white beaches of Gulf Shores, Al.

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