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Where do I even begin with such a beautiful story? As you have read before, Amber & Austin are wonderful friends of mine that started as clients, but have supported me throughout the years that they undoubtedly grew into friends I cherish dearly. I have been so lucky to photograph every major milestone in their relationship from their first few anniversaries, to the engagement, then wedding.. but this is the most special of them all.

Amber and Austin have faced something that many couples face today, and that is the heartbreak and sadness that comes with loosing someone you love so much that you have never even met before. Here is their story..

“Our lives changed forever the night we got home from our honeymoon. That night I decided to take a pregnancy test. We started trying a month before, which was right after our wedding. After 6 years of dating we knew we wanted to start trying for a family right after our wedding. Much to my surprise two pink lines popped up for the very first time. Before surprising my husband i wanted to go to the doctor and have it confirmed. That’s when we got the first bad news, my numbers were too low to sustain a baby and we soon after miscarried our first love. We didn’t stop trying, and got pregnant with our second little one at the end of the following cycle. This time it just felt different, we let ourselves get excited! My husband came home from work and I had a surprise waiting for him. There was a box on the kitchen table. Inside the box was a onesie that’s said “hello daddy”, a pregnancy test, and a card that said “only the best husbands get promoted to daddy”. I’ll never forget the moment we shared in excitement celebrating this pregnancy together. I’ll never forget the reaction on my husbands face when he opened that box up. We did everything we could to grow a strong healthy baby by taking all of the medication thrown my way. We went for weeks in a row having blood work and ultrasounds just hoping something would change. We tried so hard to keep you little one, but God had other plans. I wanted so bad to be your mommy. Sadly, sweet Angel #2 had a tear in its gestational sack, along with low numbers, which both inevitably lead to us having to have a D&C on June 18th at 11 weeks. I went into a deep, dark depression and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. My doctor ran all of the test there were and even did chromosomal testing on Baby P #2, but everything came back normal. I kept asking and crying out to God “Why can’t I carry a healthy baby, why?” “Why can I get pregnant but can’t stay pregnant?” “Why do we have such a desire and longing to be parents if I can’t do the thing I’m made to do?” I didn’t want to try anymore because I couldn’t handle loosing another little angel, but we never gave up and never stopped trying. My husband never wavered and kept that strong external shell and carried me for a long time, knowing nothing would ease the pain until I finally had us a healthy baby. 

God ALWAYS fulfills His promise! We found out on July 25th that we were pregnant, now for a 3rd time back to back to back. Full of fear and worry we were back to my Obgyn. She called me the night of the 25th completely blown away with the numbers my blood work gave. She was even hesitant that something was left behind from my D&C because my numbers were that high. She brought me in for an ultrasound to figure out what was going on. On August 1st we heard the sound and saw the image we had been longing for, a healthy baby! Fast forward to March 18th at 10:41pm, we met God’s promise face to face and the world stood still. 

“Until God opens another door, praise Him in the hallway”

And fulfill his promise he did. I am tearing up just reading this all over again. I never in a million years thought I would be photographing a baby being born, as I felt I was way out of my skillset. However, Amber and Austin trusted me once again, so I knew I had to make this special. Lylah Kait, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and loved by the most amazing mommy and daddy. Thank you for letting me be a part of your story.

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