New Brand … New Start


So the million dollar question is “why are you changing your name?” Well ladies and gentlemen, sometimes change is good. For the past four years I created a name for my hobby that quickly became a passion.. I was formerly known as Purely Poetic Photography. Now to me, I am SO glad I have decided to change to Baylee Rae Photography. I chose Purely Poetic Photography when I was 15 years old, and I had the hopes that it would describe to my potential clients how I wanted them to see my work. I have now come to realize that it is not your name that makes them value your work… it is the passion and heart that is clearly conveyed through an image itself that makes a person value your work (and yes, a good brand helps as well.) Too many times I found myself quietly speaking when someone asked me what the name of my business was.. I was scared to tell them because I was afraid that people would laugh. CRAZY! I should not be afraid to share my business with others right? Right. I decided it was finally time to rebrand… for myself. I hired an AMAZING branding designer who has produced everything you see on this website (Thank you Jacki Miller with Foil & Ink, you’re seriously the best.) I now continue in this passion as Baylee Rae and I couldn’t be more excited to see what God brings me <3



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