My Journey in Special Education.

Today’s blog post is not photography related, but for those of you that do not know I work in special education. I began this journey last year right after I married my husband. Which by the way, getting married, working on our home, having four days to resign from my job, taking a pay-cut, and accepting a job at a place where I have no other experience is a VERY scary thing to do all at once. I thank God everyday for a husband that constantly told me to leap and not worry about what was at the bottom.

Last August, upon accepting my position with Callahan School for the Deaf and Blind my prayer was for God to equip me to do this job to the best of my ability. Little did I know it was not about what I could do for the staff and children there, but what they would do for me.

During this time of uncertainty, the words “way-maker, miracle-worker, promise-keeper, light in the darkness, my God that is who you are.” have been heavy on my heart. This morning I prayed for all 6 of my students (one is not pictured) as they are out of school. Each face a different situation at home, some better than others. Today I am praying for food on their tables, a safe place to rest their heads at night, clean bill of health, protection, safety, and peace.

I miss each and every one of my students. I miss their smiles in the morning. I miss their grumpiness in the afternoons. I miss the random hugs and ? throughout the day. I miss my co-workers who are a constant source of encouragement. I miss my mainstream teachers who welcome my students with open arms into their classrooms. Despite what may happen on the “worst” day of school, I miss it all. And I have no idea if I will be able to see my students again before the school year ends. This school year has been life changing for me, and working in Special Education is something I ran from for a while although I knew I had a passion for it. God finally said, “You can run, but I am not done with you yet,” and placed me right where I knew I should have been all along. There were many people along this path that helped me enter into this season of life, and I can’t wait to see what is to come.

So, this year I am adding on another title to Baylee Rae.. I will continue in my photography as that is a VERY important aspect of my life, but I will also be known to some as Mrs. Herren as I am pursuing a certification to aid in becoming a Teacher of Exceptional Students specializing in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

While I am excited to continue on this journey, I ask that you pray for my students, the other students at our school, along with all of those who face difficult situations at home. For many, school is their happy place and right now we have no way of knowing what they are facing when they are not there.

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